06 Sep 2016

Hot Press: Trinity Orchestra and Hozier honour David Bowie with mind-blowing EP performance

3rd September, 2016

Somewhere out there Ziggy Stardust is beaming with pride

Despite the gloomy weather, hundreds of fans alighted upon EP’s main arena to support Trinity Orchestra. The symphonic orchestra is the only student run orchestra in Ireland and never fails to impress its growing fanbase with its eclectic range and consistently perfect symphonies.

This year they were honouring David Bowie, and what a tribute it was. The audience was spoiled with a sleu of unforgettable moments.

An interesting touch was to perform almost all the songs as duets which resulted in a gorgeously layered harmony between sopranos and velvety bass vibratos. Opening with ‘Space Oddity’, the band proved time and again that they were a well oiled machine. What a reaction the iconic verse “ground control to Major Tom” received. The male duo performing the song nailed the emotional reverence of the song, leaving tears in the eyes of several audience members.

The entire orchestra was exceptional, but the strings steered the emotional heart beat of the set with their searing arpeggio and staccato notes creating the wonderful sense of atmosphere Bowie was infamous for creating.

One cannot say enough about the exceptionally talented singers. To say they could give listeners goosebumps was an understatement. Not to use a cliche, but there were numerous occasions where you could close your eyes and believe that the real David Bowie had descended on Electric Picnic for a final performance. From now on they should be known as the disciples of Bowie.

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