28 Jul 2016

Billboard: Watch Hozier’s John Varvatos Fall Campaign Video: Exclusive

28th July, 2016

[…] With Varvatos in New York and Hozier at home, the duo hopped on a long distance call to chat about the campaign and its accompanying Clinch-directed video of Hozier’s “To Be Alone"—which Billboard is exclusively premiering. The conversation, excerpted below, quickly became in the words of Varvatos, “a total love fest.”

Hozier: John, it’s good to talk to you, how are you? How’s life?

Varvatos: It’s good, man. Where are you?

Hozier: I’m in Ireland, I’m home at the moment

Varvatos: We were just talking about how hot it is here in New York. Remember how hot it was the day we shot the campaign? It’s even hotter here now. There’s no such thing as global warming, though. [laughs]

Hozier: Nope! Nonsense! It’s actually quite mild in Ireland. We’ve been lucky the last couple of weeks— this is one of the best summers I’ve seen in years. In Ireland, you could have a summer [in which] you can count the days of sunshine on one hand. Nothing like over there—New York has a special kind of heat.

Varvatos: Yeah, it’s called cement. [laughs]

Billboard: So how did the campaign come together.

Varvatos: I’ve been a big fan of Andrew’s since he came on the scene. There is so much to love about him, starting with the music and the songwriting and how special it is and how it captures your imagination and heart. But it’s also, I was so intrigued by what a renaissance man he is—how he looks at the world and what goes on in the world, and it comes out in his songs. I was always intrigued by how handsome he is; he’s a great looking guy and that always works great in our world of fashion.

Billboard: Are you blushing over there yet, Andrew?

Hozier: He’s been very very generous. Thank you, John. I suppose from my end, in a similar way, i was absolutely thrilled when my manager first let me know [about the campaign offer]. I had a few pieces of Johns and I always loved that the work he does is this incredibly rare thing where elegance just meets sheer badass. There’s a wonderful spirit in the clothing. I had never met John before and he is an absolute gentleman, someone who really knows his stuff. I was shocked by how much he knows about rock and roll. There is a dedication to the legacy of it—not only in the way the business conducts itself but also in his work and in his life.

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