13 Jul 2016

Idolator Interview: Hozier On ‘Tarzan’ Ballad “Better Love” & His Next Album

13th July, 2016

Hozier broke (very) big in 2014 when gut-wrenching single “Take Me To Church” exploded in the US — peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and selling quintuple platinum. It also nabbed a Grammy nomination for Song Of The Year. The singer/songwriter has been on the road ever since, promoting his self-titled debut albumwith near non-stop touring. He did find the time, however, to record “Better Love” for summer blockbuster The Legend Of Tarzan on a rare day off.

I recently caught up with the 26-year-old to find out more about his first new song in two years and to get an update on the progress of his sophomore LP. Hozier stands at the very beginning of the project, with only a handful of demos (and a headful of ideas) at this point. The Irishman revealed that he plans to take some time off to complete the album, but can’t see himself staying idle for too long. Catch up with the “Someone New”hitmaker below.

Was “Better Love” written specifically for the movie?
I wrote it specifically for the movie. I worked with the same producer and a lot of the same players from the first album and from the tour, but it’s new. I was eager to write because I hadn’t written any song, from beginning to end, in pretty much two years. You’re eager, you’re itchy to do something different from what you’ve been doing, but it was literally a three or four week deadline, so I kind of said, “Okay, if I could get a demo to them in five days, we’d be doing okay, but if not, I’m fucked.” It worked out in the end.

Was it hard to write something to fit someone else’s narrative?
I felt it important to bring my own self to it. I had to make sure it sounded like it was something that was coming from me and something that I would say, but the song stands on it’s own. I suppose the difference is that you’re opening yourself up to a window of influence. A very definite window of influence that is shown to you and I drew from those themes, drew from the themes, and the song is a love song.

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