NPRsAll Songs +1: Hozier Meets Tarzan

16 Jun 2016

16th June, 2016

“Frankly, I was apprehensive when I heard that this poetic songwriter, known for brilliant songs like "Take Me To Church” and “Someone New,” was going to delve into commercial film territory. It’s hard not to imagine that compromises are necessary to make a song fit a film’s plot and themes. But when I heard the new song Hozier put together on a three-week deadline, it felt inspired and from the heart, with lyrics that rang true: “I once kneeled in shaking thrill / I chase the memory of it still,” and “I have never loved a darker blue / Than the darkness I have known in you.”

I wanted to talk to him about the process, so I called him up just before he was about to make his journey from Ireland to Los Angeles for a screening of Tarzan.

On this +1 edition of All Songs Considered, Hozier tells us about the challenges of writing for a film, something he’d never done before, and how he stayed true to his own style and sound.

“Better Love” features Hozier on all the voices, guitar, synthesizer and organ. Longtime Hozier collaborator and bassist Alex Ryan did the string and orchestral arrangements and also plays keyboards and bass. Another Hozier regular, Rory Doyle, is on drums.“

Listen to the song and interview HERE.

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