22 Jan 2016

Luxemburger Wort: Hozier – Took us to the Rockhal

22nd January, 2016

“After two years of solid touring Hozier was still looking and sounding on top form, there was no sign of fatigue in his vocals or charisma as his self-effecting persona came across charming throughout the night, with him laughing and chatting away to the crowd on many occasions.”

“He seemed to be at his best on “To Be Alone” & “Work Song” when the band took a step back and let Hozier with his fingerpicking blues guitar take centre stage. There were even moments of just Hozier, like on “Work Song”. Alana Henderson his cellist joined him on vocals for “In A Week” which produced the tenderest moment of the night with stunning vocal harmonies between the pair.”

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